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Uhaul Truck Turns Up Stolen

Red Willow County News

Red Willow County Sherriff Department received an initial call for service to check on the occupants of a UHaul truck at an odd location in the county. The caller advised the driver was slumped over the steering wheel. When the caller tapped on the window, the driver raised his head and the caller could see there was or had been blood running from his nose. The driver denied the need for assistance and took off. My initial response was for a welfare check.

Subsequent conversations with dispatch, they believed this was a couple involved in a domestic in McCook and both subjects had current warrants. Eventually Sherriff Darling was joined by Deputies Wright and Kuper in the search. There was a family member of the original caller that had eyes on the vehicle and was trying to guide us in on the vehicle. Eventually Deputy Wright made contact with the vehicle and subjects in the driveway of a residence in the northern part of the county. Given the information known at the time and that the driver had already exited the vehicle and had approached the house, he conducted a felony stop. When the female passenger exited the other side of the vehicle, she too was talked into the prone position and both were secured when Deputy Kuper arrived minutes later. Sherriff Darling arrived shortly after.

Both subjects were arrested on the outstanding warrants.

Both subjects were taken directly to the ER for medical clearance and later lodged in jail.

It wasn’t until later that it was discovered that the UHaul hadn’t been returned and was considered stolen, charges are pending based on additional investigation.