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Lincoln County Fatality Accident

North Platte State News

On 5-21-24, at 11:57 AM deputies and North Platte rescue were dispatched to MM 104 on U.S highway 83.  This is  20 miles north of North Platte.  When deputies arrived they found that EMS had contacted the driver of a silver vehicle that was on it’s top, in the ditch with a massive amount of damage.  EMS advised deputies that the driver was deceased.  Deputies interviewed 2 witnesses.  Both of them reported that as they followed the northbound silver Toyota they noticed it was swerving in it lane and onto the shoulder for a few miles.  They both reported that there was a semi, truck and trailer that was southbound.  As the 2 vehicles got within a short distance to each other, the silver car crossed the center line and hit the semi head one.  There was no time for either vehicle to apply their brakes before impact.  The driver of the silver Toyota 4 door was 80 year old Lloyd Gill of Stapleton NE and the driver of the Kenworth truck was 67 year old Robert Sailor of Curtis NE.  Mr. Sailor was transported to the hospital to be examined and was released.  Mr. Gill was wearing his seatbelt and it is not known if Mr. Sailor was wearing his.  There is no suspicion that either driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.