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Governor Pillen Signs 10 Bills into Law, Vetoes Another

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LINCOLN, NE – Governor Jim Pillen has signed 10 bills into law and announced his veto of a bill he says would harm Nebraska taxpayers. 

Legislative Bill 25 would make taxpayers financially liable for lawsuits filed against towns, cities, school districts, public power districts and other local government units. Taxpayers would also be liable for broad claims of abuse committed by employees and non-employees of those public entities.

“We must hold perpetrators accountable and protect children from abuse by enforcing criminal laws that exist and by targeting wrong-doers, not taxpayers,” said Gov. Pillen. “There are civil remedies already available to children and their families that allow for compensation when harm results from abuse.”

Bills signed by the Governor include: LB126, LB126a, LB937, LB937a, LB1023, LB1023a, LB1317, LB1317a, LB1402, 1402a. 

LB1317 and 1402 both have emergency clauses and are effective immediately.

The veto letter from Gov. Pillen for LB25 is attached.